Source of Opportunity

NBC has established a network encompassing advisory firms, legal firms and banking institutions, as well as important relationships through the business community.

Commercial Due Diligence

NBC has the internal capacity to completely understand the commercial aspect of a business. This includes macro and micro economics, influencers, drivers, competitors, technology and pricing.

Comprehensive Due Diligence

This includes detailed management discussions, legal, financial and marketing review.

Documentation and Investment Finalisation

The legal documentation finalised and the investment is funded.

Initial Due Diligence

NBC review underlying deal, business plan, management team and proposed terms to establish whether the opportunity warrants further examination.

Term Sheet

Once we are comfortable with the proposal, including financial modelling, valuation and pricing, we will negotiate a binding term sheet that is subject to external due diligence.

NBC Investment Committee Approval and Sign – Off

The presentation of comprehensive investment proposal for independent investment committee.