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The NBC team is an experienced and cohesive group of professionals with particular skills in transactions, financial analysis, deal structuring, valuation and operational skills in running and managing businesses. We work together with investee companies to form a dynamic partnership and build businesses that results in the successful growth of a valuable business.

NBC adopts a rigorous approach to the investigation of potential opportunities. We spend time with the founder/management team understanding the business model and associated strategies. We develop detailed investment strategies and formulate plans to execute against. Once an investment is made, we use our skills and experiences to add value to the company by funding growth initiatives (organic and acquisition), developing the management team, improving operational efficiency, financial structuring and overall profitability. NBC works to create a substantial business that continues to grow in value over time.

We focus particularly on

increasing profitability by driving well thought out growth initiatives.

Sourcing and supporting proven management

Appropriate governance, compliance, and internal systems and procedures

Mitigation and risk management

Business process improvement

Building company

The strategic direction of the business

Our General Partners are supported by analysts who ensure we understand the business, the industry it is in, the business’s competitors and the opportunities that may be available. This rigorous approach heightens investment and exit opportunities for our partners.
Once an investee company has achieved its objectives, we will seek an exit from our investment through such means as listing the company on the stock exchange or a strategic sale to an industry participant. Our team is highly experienced in developing and implementing optimal divestment strategies.