Experienced Private Equity Manager

NBC Capital, are business builders

Expansion Capital Buyouts

NBC Capital is primarily interested in funding buy-outs and expansion for mid-market businesses. We do not pursue start-up or early-stage companies, nor those involved in property development.

Integrity & Trust

NBC staff are trustworthy and big on integrity. We possess significant experience in working with companies to achieve their financial and strategic goals.

Partnership Approach

NBC invests in businesses that provide liquidity for owners, raise capital for continued growth and create significant ownership opportunities for key managers and employees.

Patient Investor

NBC is a patient, medium-term investor. When the time comes to achieve liquidity, we work closely with management to realise the value that has been created. This is typically a trade sale or possibly an initial public offering.

Successful Businesses

NBC typically partners with successful businesses that have a strong market position, growth opportunities, exceptional management and the ability to deliver shareholder value.

Business Guidance Support

NBC also provide comprehensive guidance in formalising business strategies, strengthening teams, optimising capital structures, accelerating growth plans and identifying and negotiating acquisitions or alliances.